Phrogram has left the building.

Goodbye Phrogram!

If you are at this website, you may be wondering what happened!

Phrogram, an effort to de-mystify how to learn real programming, was retired in July 2015.

Phrogram was a labor of love for many years, from its early days as "KPL" - which stood for Kids Programming Language, first released in 2005 - to its commercial launch in 2006 and creation of localized versions with worldwide community support.

The Phrogram business model changed from "give KPL away" to ask consumers to recognize the value of educational software designed to teach real programming. In fact, many schools, and a few colleges and universities, taught with Phrogram and we developed an active community of users contributing sample programs.

But times change and Phrogram did not keep pace ... fortunately, there are plenty of other great options for learning real programming nowadays.

This site will be accessible on the Web for as long as the domain name continues to be registered (currently set to expire in September 2017).

Thanks for your interest in Phrogram. For further inquiries, email phrogsoft @ gmail dot com.